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Green Settlements was founded with two main goals in mind - to provide education and awareness to consumers who own life insurance policies they no longer need, want or can afford and to connect those consumers with qualified professionals who will help them unlock the hidden value trapped within their life insurance policies.

It is estimated that over $100 billion of life insurance is lapsed or surrendered every year that, had the policy owner pursued a Life Settlement, would have resulted in them receiving more cash than they otherwise received. Because of this, we felt an obligation to help policy owners better understand their options before decisions about their insurance policies were made. Our mission is to help policy owners avoid the mistake of lapsing or surrendering a potentially valuable asset.

Green settlements is proud to be part of a market that has helped return billions of dollars of additional value to consumers by providing them the option to sell their life insurance. These sales have allowed policy owners to pay medical bills, fund other life insurance, pay for travel, supplement their retirement and get cash out of an otherwise underperforming or unneeded asset.

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